Sport Performance Overview

Strength training is critical for athletic development and game performance. Our program is not your traditional bodybuilding or powerlifting workout, instead it is Functional and develops critical aspects of athletic performance such as strength, power, mobility, speed, agility and energy system development.

Our number 1 goal is to reduce the likelihood of injury by identifying and correcting areas of weakness. The 2ndgoal is to enhance athletic performance by specifically developing a structured program that will allow you to achieve your goals through proper technique and progressions.

Each athlete will go through the Functional Movement Screen to identify areas of weakness or imbalances. From there each athlete will test in a series of movements to set a baseline. Based on these assessments, a structured program will be designed based on the results.


Personal Training, Small group training (2-6 athletes) and Team Training are available both In-season and off-season. Athletes are also eligible for a discount to the MYZONE MZ-3 Belts. Please contact us for more information.

The workout

Flexibility/Mobility: Foam Rolling, Static Stretching, Dynamic Movement
Movement Prep: Corrective Movement, Mobility
Speed/Agility: Acceleration, Deceleration, Change of Direction
Power: Plyometrics, Olympic Lifting, Jumping and Landing Technique
Strength: Technique Instruction, Multi-Joint Movement, Upper and Lower Body, Core Development
Energy System Development: Sport Specific Conditioning