Innovative Hockey Conditioning Overview

Unlike other fitness programs that group random exercises together that do not improve your performance, but also puts you at risk for injury. Our program is based on current research and principles that systematically piece together a well-rounded strength and conditioning program that follows proper progressions that will enhance athletic performance and increase the resistance to injury.

Our qualified staff not only possess an academic background in the field of exercise, but they also have experience working directly with some of the premier programs and players in the world, such as the USNTDP and OHL.

Our training places emphasis on:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Mobility
  • Strength and Power
  • Speed and Agility
  • Conditioning
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

So don’t waste your time with senseless training and unqualified trainers where you won’t see results! Come to Innovative Hockey Conditioning where we are confident that you will achieve yours goals through a professional, educated and properly designed strength and conditioning program.


High School, Junior, College and Pro training:

  • Personal Training 1 on 1
  • Small group training (2-6 athletes)
  • Team Training both In-season and off-season.
  • Athletes are also eligible for a discount to the MYZONE MZ-3 Belts. Please contact us for more information.

The workout

Flexibility/Mobility: Foam Rolling, Static Stretching, Dynamic Movement
Movement Prep: Corrective Movement, Mobility
Speed/Agility: Acceleration, Deceleration, Change of Direction
Power: Plyometrics, Olympic Lifting, Jumping and Landing Technique
Strength: Technique Instruction, Multi-Joint Movement, Upper and Lower Body, Core Development
Energy System Development: Sport Specific Conditioning

Core Principles

Athletic Functional Training: Athletic Functional Training prepares the body to move how it was made to move. Exercises are implemented in a progressive manner and are performed in unilateral movement on stable and unstable surfaces, similar to how hockey is played. Functional training also works to correct muscular imbalances, range of motion, increase flexibility, stabilization and to reduce the risk of injury.

Multi-Directional: The ability to change directions quickly and efficiently is a critical aspect for any hockey player. A portion of each workout contains speed and agility drills that develop acceleration, agility and changes in directions. It is imperative that hockey players train in multiple directions, since a typical shift on the ice contains many quick and explosive changes in direction that rely on agility and acceleration.

Specific: IHC’s workouts are designed around specific and necessary skills that are required for the game of ice hockey. These specific exercises and skills include explosive movements, strength, agility, acceleration, mobilization, stabilization and body awareness.

Progressive: Following the Progressive Overload principle, IHC’s training provides the proper amount of stress on the body that allows the body to adapt to the training stimulus (growth) and for complete recovery. Each exercise that is implemented is based on a series of movement progressions. This allows the athlete to correct mechanical errors as well as build a foundation for proper movement and strength.

Recovery: IHC also believes in proper recovery, instead of overtraining which can be detrimental to growth and development. Our workout program provides just enough stress to cause an adaptation and allow the athlete to FULLY recover and be prepared for optimal performance for the next workout or game.

Long Term Development: Development is a long term process that includes an accumulation of short term gains. Branching off the progressive overload principle, building a foundation of proper movement and strength attributes to long term development.